Torch (Breath of the Wild)

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Carrying flames

Base Power


Base Durability


Best Possible Bonus

+4 attack power
+4 durability


"This torch will stay lit once ignited, but if you put it away, the flame will be extinguished until you light it again."

— In-Game Description

The Torch is a tool found in Breath of the Wild. They can be used to carry flames across distances without extinguishing, for purposes such as burning grass or bushes to create an updraft; wood to start a Campfire; or carry Blue Flame from an Ancient Furnace to an Ancient Tech Lab. Although classified as a weapon, they have only trivial attack power (2), and low durability (8) when used as such.

Breath of the Wild

When Link first exits the Shrine of Resurrection and meets the Old Man, he can steal the Torch that is nearby. The Old Man will ask Link how he plans on using it.[1] If Link plans to use it as a weapon, the Old Man advises against it, and tells Link to use the Axe instead.[2] Alternatively, Link say that he is using the Torch to set things on fire, and the Old Man warns Link to be cautious, as it can burn the dry grass.[3] Link can also say that his usage of the Torch is a secret, and the Old Man will let him do as he pleases.[4]

Link will need to use the Torch, or another burnable weapon, to carry the flame and light the standing torches leading up to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. In these cases, Link will light the torch with Blue Fire, lighting the individual standing torches on the way.

When Link travels through the Lost Woods, he will need to use a Torch while navigating through the maze. When standing still, the flames of the torch will travel in the direction that Link must go in order to progress deeper into the Lost Woods.



  • In Breath of the Wild, Torches are the only wooden "weapon" in the game that does not take fire damage. Even when used for an extended period of time, if a torch hasn't been used to strike enemies or breakable items (hence consuming its damage points), it will effectively remain in an "unused" condition in perpetuity.
  • As wooden weapons, torches will spontaneously light up while in the hottest areas of Eldin, such as Death Mountain.
  • While on horseback Link will hold a lit torch down, which may reach tall grass or bushes. If Link is caught in this fire, it may cause fire damage.


  1. Well then, just help yourself to that torch there. And how, may I ask, are you planning to use it? - Old Man
  2. Innovative... However, that is probably best used to light fires. If you need a weapon, you can find something better. Many beasts roam the land past this point. You can take my axe with you, if you please. Assuming you can find it. - Old Man
  3. That is rather...unnerving. Please be cautious with that around any dry grass that might catch fire. - Old Man
  4. I see, Well then, do as you please. - Old Man