Boko Shield

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"A Bokoblin-made shield created by attaching a handhold to any flat tree bark picked up off the ground. It's pretty shoddy, so don't expect it to last very long."

— In-Game Description

The Boko Shield is a shield found in Breath of the Wild. It has a base defense of 3, and is the standard-issue shield for many Red Bokoblins in and around the Great Plateau. The aesthetic is very basic; being entirely wooden and of poor construction, signifying a low durability and defense rating. If this shield is brought to a flame, it will alight, so the player should take care.


The shield is a poorly made wooden shield, being made of a piece of tree bark off the ground. It is painted red with some white designs on the front. Knobs of wood that stick out of the bark are visible on the front of the shield. The back of the shield contains only a leather handhold.