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"This shield was cherished by the Gerudo Champion Urbosa. The gold used to make it was handpicked to ensure a design that is both lightweight and very durable."

— In-Game Description

Daybreaker is a shield found in Breath of the Wild. Together with the Scimitar of the Seven, it was one of Urbosa's signature weapons until her death. Both are later inherited by Link.


Breath of the Wild

Daybreaker has a base Shield Guard of 48 and base durability of 60. Link can obtain it by returning to Gerudo Town and speaking with Riju after defeating Thunderblight Ganon, boss of Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

It once belonged to the Gerudo Champion Urbosa. When destroyed, it can be remade if Link talks to Buliara and gives her a Gerudo Shield, a diamond and five flints.

The Daybreaker takes damage at twice the game's average rate for shield surfing at 1/2 durability points/sec (average for shields is 1/4). However, its high durability compensates for this, though it has an average friction reduction rate, making it not particularly fast.