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"At the foor of the Dueling Peaks, a large split down the middle, is a plain filled with ponds large and small, as well as bogs. Fort Hateno, which protected Hateno Village from the Great Calamity, stands to the east. The ruined husks of many Guardians lie rusting around its wall, and the evidence of a desperate defensive stand can still be seen."

West Necluda is a location found in Breath of the Wildand Tears of the Kingdom to the east of the Great Plateau.

Breath of the Wild

After clearing the Plateau and obtaining the Paraglider, Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule/Old Man directs Link to this region to find Impa. The region is home to the remaining Sheikah Tribe who live in the mountainous Kakariko Village as well as the great Dueling Peaks, a mountain split down the middle with a river flowing through it and its neighbouring stable (Dueling Peaks Stable) at its base. There are a total of 59 Korok Seeds in this region.

Regional Landmarks

Outpost Ruins
Scout's Hill
Proxim Bridge
Hylia River
Hills of Baumer
Batrea Lake
Nabi Lake
South Nabi Lake
Squabble River
Mable Ridge
Sahasra Slope
Lantern Lake
Pillars of Levia
Lake Siela
Kakariko Bridge
Ash Swamp
Blatchery Plain
Fort Hateno
Bubinga Forest
Oakle's Navel
Mount Rozudo
Hickaly Woods

Regional Shrines of Trials

Quests obtained

Main Quests
Locked Mementos
Free the Divine Beasts
Side Quests
Misko, the Great Bandit
The Priceless Maracas
Flown the Coop
Koko's Kitchen
Expansion Quests
EX Treasure: Phantasma
EX Treasure: Twilight Relic
EX Treasure: Fairy Clothes
EX Treasure: Ancient Mask

Weapons and Clothing

Champion's Tunic - Stealth Mask - Stealth Chest Guard - Stealth Tights - Hylian Hood - Hylian Tunic - Hylian Trousers - Climber's Bandanna
Rusty Broadsword - Rusty Halberd - Rusty Claymore - Bokoblin Arm - Boko Spear - Boko Bat - Traveler's Spear - Throwing Spear - Soldier's Spear - Knight's Halberd - Eightfold Blade - Flameblade - Thunderblade - Giant Boomerang - Soldier's Broadsword - Soldier's Claymore - Guardian Sword - Farming Hoe - Farmer's Pitchfork - Traveler's Sword - Iron Sledgehammer - Torch - Traveler's Bow - Soldier's Bow - Spiked Boko Bow - Arrow - Fire Arrow - Shock Arrow - Bomb Arrow - Pot Lid - Rusty Shield - Wooden Shield - Traveler's Shield - Soldier's Shield - Shield of the Mind's Eye


Grassland Fox - Horse - Mountain Goat - Blue-Winged Heron - Pink Heron - Blue Sparrow - Mountain Buck - Mountain Doe - Woodland Boar - Hylian Retriever - White Goat - Cucco - Blupee - Hot-Footed Frog - Hightail Lizard - Honeyvore Bear


Cooking Ingredients
Acorn - Hylian Shroom - Rushroom - Stamella Shroom - Ironshroom - Raw Meat - Raw Bird Drumstick - Raw Prime Meat - Raw Bird Thigh - Hyrule Bass - Armored Carp - Staminoka Bass - Sneaky River Snail - Hyrule Herb - Hearty Radish - Rock Salt
Restless Cricket - Bladed Rhino Beetle - Sunset Firefly
Monster Parts
Bokoblin Horn - Bokoblin Fang - Bokoblin Guts - Moblin Fang - Moblin Horn - Chuchu Jelly - Keese Wing - Keese Eyeball - Octo Balloon - Octorok Eyeball - Octorok Tentacle - Ancient Screw - Ancient Shaft - Ancient Gear - Ancient Spring
Wood - Flint - Luminous Stone - Amber - Opal - Sapphire - Roasted Bass - Toasted Hearty Truffle - Seared Steak - Blackened Crab

Tears of the Kingdom

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