Pillars of Levia

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Pillars of Levia

The Pillars of Levia are a location found in Breath of the Wild.


It is situated in the Necluda region, overlooking Kakariko Village to the north and Lake Siela to the south. The region is defined by several very steep mountains that stick out of the ground like large pillars. On the peaks of several of the these mountains, Link will find some Koroks, with one of the tall pillars to the southeast having a treasure chest containing a Silver Rupee.



Nearby Korok Seeds

On the upper ledge, lift this rock.

On the cliff ledge, pick up the rock.

Climb to the top, and lift up the rock.

Solitary rock on a mountaintop, ho.

Climb to the top, and lift up the rock.

Another rock, another mountaintop.

Two of these trees have only one apple, make the third look like them.

Remove apples from the third tree until it looks like the first two.