Bonooru's Stand

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Bonooru's Stand

Bonooru's Stand is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

It is situated at the top of the valley which overlooks Kakariko Village in northern Necluda. The land is slightly sloped, leading up to the higher Pierre Plateau to the north. There are several large pillars, which are similar in landscape to the adjacent Pillars of Levia and Lantern Lake to the west.

At the southeast part of the area, just north of the waterfall that leads to Lake Siela, there is a breakable boulder. There is a treasure chest behind it that contains a Purple Rupee.



Nearby Korok Seeds

Complete the block puzzle.

Use the Magnesis rune to match up the blocks.


Bonooru's Stand is named after Bonooru, one of the Scarecrows from Ocarina of Time.