Korok Seed

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Korok Seed



Hidden across Hyrule


Exchange for inventory upgrades


"This small seed was given to you by a Korok. It has a distinct smell. If you gather a bunch of them, you never know what may happen..."

— In-Game Description

Korok Seeds are small, golden seeds found in Breath of the Wild. They can be obtained by locating one of the many Koroks hidden all over Hyrule.


Each Korok will gift Link one seed, which can be exchanged with Hestu to increase his inventory capacity. There are 900 Korok Seeds in total, all hidden across the land. They often require unique puzzles to be solved in order to find the Korok bearing them, such as rolling a boulder into a hole, or completing a circle of rocks. Upon collecting all 900 of the seeds, Link is advised to speak with Hestu in the Korok Forest, where he will be gifted with the allusive Hestu's Gift, which currently has no use.

Inventory Upgrades

Generally, each slot upgrade requires more seeds than the previous. Below is a chart which lists the cost to upgrade each slot all the way. In total, 441 seeds are required to maximize all of the stashes.

Slot Nº Weapon Stash Bow Stash Shield Stash
1 1 1 1
2 2 2 2
3 3 3 3
4 5 5 4
5 8 8 5
6 12 12 10
7 17 17 10
8 25 25 (Max) 10
9 35 10
10 45 10
11 55 (Max) 15
12 15
13 15
14 15
15 15
16 20 (Max)
Total 208 73 160

Map of Korok Seed Locations

A large map with all the Korok seed locations. Good for downloading and crossing off the ones you have to keep track of them. Original size is 6500x5200 pixels