Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief

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This article is about the story scenario from Age of Calamity. For the character which it is named after, see Urbosa.
Spoiler Alert! This article describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.
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Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief


Chapter 2-4




Restricted Allies





Master Kohga
Molduga (optional)



Key Characters

Battlefield-Specific Materials


Desert Voe Spaulder, Amber (1), Palm Fruit (5), Hydromelon (5), Noble Pursuit recipe
Urbosa unlocked
Urbosa's Training challenge unlocked


Link, Urbosa, plus one other unlocked (story)
Any two unlocked plus Urbosa (replay)


Link, Impa, Zelda (if not selected for play)
Gerudo Captain (5×)

Recommended Level

Lv. 5

"Zelda, along with the rest of the party, sets out for Gerudo Town to ask Urbosa to become a pilot. Along the way, they suddenly come under attack by the Gerudo."

— In-game description

Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief is the fourth listed scenario of Age of Calamity Chapter 2, although the four main Chapter 2 scenarios can be completed in any order.


  • Head to Urbosa
  • Approach the town from the south
  • Head to Urbosa
  • Defeat the Yiga Blademasters (3)
  • Head for the targeted position
  • Defeat the enemies with a loud attack
  • Defeat the Yiga Clan with Remote Bombs
  • Capture the Outposts (3)
  • Defeat Master Kohga


Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief [text]

"The Gerudo lived in a settlement in the Gerudo Desert. Comprised entirely of women, they were a tribe of great might and nobility."

— In-game Gallery description

Attack of the Gerudo!

"The party sets out for Gerudo Town to recruit their chief, Urbosa, as a pilot of a Divine Beast. However, they are unexpectedly attacked by the Gerudo. Zelda steels herself and attempts to learn Urbosa's true motives."

— In-game Gallery description

Return of the Chief

"With Zelda in peril, the real Urbosa makes her appearance, and the impostor chief is revealed to be Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan. Kohga quickly summons reinforcements to the battle then abruptly leaves them to fight on their own."

— In-game Gallery description

Slippery as a Banana Peel!

"Urbosa and the others manage to corner Master Kohga, but they're suddenly confronted by the Yiga Blademaster Sooga. Both Sooga and Kohga disappear, though the conflict with the Yiga Clan appears likely to continue."

— In-game Gallery description

Urbosa's Wishes

"In other to protect both her own desert home and all of Hyrule, Urbosa agrees to become a pilot for a Divine Beast. She also offers words of comfort to Zelda, who is feeling a mounting pressure to fulfill her duty as the days pass."

— In-game Gallery description

Plans for the Future

"Master Kohga and Sooga escape to their hideout. Waiting for them there is the mysterious seer Astor, as well as a black Guardian eerily similar to the model that has been accompanying Zelda."

— In-game Gallery description


Character Speaking Dialogue

Treasure Chests

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See also: Age of Calamity Koroks


  • Although it is possible to defeat the Molduga, it is not required. Indeed, Urbosa will say to "Let the Molduga be. Focus on the Yiga Clan." and an objective-style message pops up saying "Avoid fighting with the Molduga." If you ignore this and defeat it regardless, Urbosa will say "You defeated the Molduga? No easy feat." It will also drop five Molduga Fins, useful for quests such as To the Zora Voe and Vai.