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The Yiga Clan is a militant faction of Sheikah who defected after the Royal Family ordered the dissolution of ancient Sheikah technology. The group's Hideout is located in Karusa Valley, near Gerudo Desert. They are led by their leader, Master Kohga.


The clan is primarily comprised of Sheikah combatants who wield lethal weapons both of Yiga design and those utilized by their progenitor tribe, the Sheikah. Out of their various selections, the Yiga are known to favor the vicious sickle, serving as a symbol of terror.[1]


About ten thousand years before the event of Breath of the Wild, following the then-King of Hyrule's disbanding of Sheikah technology in fear of its prowess seemingly rivaling divine powers and striking fear into the populace, some Sheikah followed this mandate, burying their technology and willingly forsaking their former way of life while others defected and swore their to Calamity Ganon in an ironic twist of fate.[2]

Approximately a century before the events of Breath of the Wild, Master Kohga, the latest member of a family of successors who have led the clan for at least four generations, named their militant faction the "Yiga Clan".[3] As Calamity Ganon neared his re-emergence, the Yiga Clan came out of hiding and attempted to assassinate Princess Zelda on an occasion when she was alone when a rift had occurred between her and her appointed protector, Link.[4] At some point in time, the Yiga also managed to steal the Thunder Helm.

Breath of the Wild

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About one century later, following Link's resurrection, the Yiga are tasked by Kohga to hunt down the hero knight and kill him to prove their worth to Calamity Ganon. When arriving in Gerudo Town, Link encounters the Gerudo Chief, Riju, and her guardian, Buliara. After a quick conversation, Link is given the task of recovering the recently stolen Thunder Helm. Link is told to travel to Karusa Valley, where he will happen upon the Yiga Clan Hideout. While in the hideout, Link sees an imprisoned Gerudo woman who tried to recover the Helm herself, Barta. After sneaking around and defeating Master Kohga, Link recovers the helm.


See also: Yiga Footsoldier and Yiga Blademaster

Throughout the game, Link can occasionally encounter both Yiga Footsoldiers and Blademasters at random, who will either teleport to him or encounter him disguised as normal travelers in order to ambush Link, which can include unique dialogue. In battle, both combatants cannot be disarmed using Perfect Guards regardless of the Shield Guard of the particular shield used. As such, they have to be slain to obtain their weapons. Following Master Kohga’s presumed death, they become more aggressive and will openly attack Link when he traverses the roads.

Age of Calamity

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Tears of the Kingdom

The net of the Yiga Clan has spread ever further by the time Link descends from the Great Sky Island. They have taken over the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, Woodcutter's House and Shrine of Resurrection, on top of forming the Yiga Clan Maritta Branch from a newly opened Cave. The reason for this expansion is made clear later; Master Kohga survived his fall after his fight with Link, ending up in the Depths with plenty of time to survey it. He later contacted the rest of his army, to make the Yiga the true rulers of the Depths. With 34 standalone bases and multiple converted Mines in the Depths, the surface branches are used to supply necessities to the plethora of Footsoldiers stationed down there.


Link can also take new Yiga clothing from three of the surface bases when he frees the kidnapped tailors. In full uniform, he can exist disguised amongst the Yiga, and is safe from springing Banana Traps. The extent of this is being allowed to roam and interact freely inside the primary Yiga Clan Hideout, granting him the ability to obtain magical Yiga artifacts in the Lightning Helm and Earthwake Manual. Link may even take an exam in the Yiga Blademaster Station to reach the rank of Blademaster. What this exam constitutes is scaling the Gerudo region and offering Mighty Bananas to five frog statues to magically grant them face coverings.


  • While most members of the clan are witnessed as Sheikah males, women are known to also serve as members of the clan, including Kohga's paternal grandmother and a spy who took Purah and Robbie hostage.[5]



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