Shield Guard

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Shield Guard
Royal Shield Shield Guard Up - BotW Wii U.jpg
Link with a Royal Shield featuring a Shield Guard Up yellow bonus.



Shield Guard is a property applied to shields in Breath of the Wild, expressed as a number visible on all shields in the menu.

Breath of the Wild

Rather than being a simple measure of defence, the Shield Guard primarily relates to how much damage the shield's durability rating takes from a single hit. A Shield Guard higher than the enemy's weapon rating will greatly reduce the damage the shield takes while blocking, while the reverse can cause a shield to break much faster, even with the same durability.

It also relates to how an enemy will react when Link blocks their attack with a shield - a sufficiently high Shield Guard will cause the enemy to stagger or even be disarmed, which also works when performing a Perfect Guard.

Enemies that cannot be disarmed with the Perfect Guard regardless of the Shield Guard value include Lynels, Yiga Clansmen and armed Guardian Scouts. On these cases, they have to be slain/destroyed in order for them to drop their weaponry.

The maximum possible Shield Guard in the game is the Hylian Shield, with a base guard of 90, a maximum white bonus of 122 or a maximum yellow bonus of 144. The shield without bonuses can effectively disarm most of the melee combatant enemies in the game, save from Silver Moblins wielding Royal Claymores at Hyrule Castle.

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