Perfect Guard

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Perfect Guard
Perfect guard.JPG
Link performing a Perfect Guard against a Guardian at the Eastern Abbey


Learned from

How to Perform

Block an attack at the precise time


Reflecting attacks
Stunning enemies
Disarm enemies
Negate explosion momentum


The Perfect Guard is a special move used by Link in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

If Link blocks an attack with perfect timing, it may reflect an attack, or stun the enemy which attacked. This "Perfect Guard" move is good against Guardians, as their beam can be reflected back at them, causing great damage. It can also negate the momentum of explosions from Remote Bombs, Bomb Arrows and explosive Lynel attacks.

This move is learnt at the Ta'loh Naeg Shrine, in Kakariko Village.


Link must have his shield up, and once the attack hits, while holding the shield, the player must press the (A) button to produce the deflection.

The Perfect Guard can be achieved by using all shields and shield-like items like Pot Lids, at no cost to the shield's durability. Link can produce the deflection if pointing at the general direction of his attacker (so he doesn't have to be locked on them).

The Ancient Shield, which can be purchased at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, is the only shield in the game for which the Perfect Guard is not necessary when fighting against Guardians, as it reflects their beams on its own, but at the cost of the shield's durability.

Depending on the particular shield's Shield Guard, the move may disarm the enemy. However, some enemies like Lynels, Yiga Clansmen and armed Guardian Scouts cannot be disarmed regardless of the shield guard value.

The Perfect Guard, in spite of being a special move, does not deplete the Stamina Wheel.