Yiga Clan Maritta Branch

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Yiga Clan Maritta Branch is a cave and Yiga Clan base in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Yiga Clan Maritta Branch is a branched set of caves in the Aldor Foothills, north-west of Elma Knolls and west-south-west of Mekar Island. A Yiga Footsoldier and Yiga Blademaster hold Aliza captive inside, forcing her to make Yiga Tights for the Yiga Clan. Link must rescue her and obtain a set of Yiga Tights as part of getting the Yiga Set for the quest Infiltrating the Yiga Clan.

The general area of the Maritta Branch, and other Yiga Clan surface bases, is indicated by maps found in the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab and the Woodcutter's House.