Bubbul Gem

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Bubbul Gem
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Obtained from

Dropped by defeated Bubbulfrogs


Trade to Koltin


Bubbul Gems are key items found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A strange crystal left by defeated Bubbulfrogs in caves. Its eerie blue glow may entice you to...collect even more."

— In-game description

Bubbul Gems are found after defeating a Bubbulfrog.

Koltin, the younger brother of Kilton, believes that consuming them will turn him into a Satori. When Link gives him a gem at Pico Pond Cave, near Woodland Stable, he gives Link a Bokoblin Mask in thanks, then eats the gem immediately. When it does not transform him, he decides he must "collect lots and lots and eat them ALL at once" to do so.

He then leaves to travel the world to find all the Bubbul Gems he can, while offering Link "treasures" in return for gifting him more, if he can find him on his travels. He will trade Bubbul Gems, in this fixed order, as follows:

Item Icon Individual Cost Cumulative Cost
Bokoblin Mask Bokoblin Mask - TotK icon.png 1 Bubbul Gem 1 Bubbul Gem
Moblin Mask Moblin Mask - TotK icon.png 2 Bubbul Gems 3 Bubbul Gems
3 × Hinox Toenail Hinox Toenail - TotK icon.png 3 Bubbul Gems 6 Bubbul Gems
Mystic Robe Mystic Robe - TotK icon.png 3 Bubbul Gems 9 Bubbul Gems
8 × Fire Keese Eyeball Fire Keese Eyeball - TotK icon.png 3 Bubbul Gems 12 Bubbul Gems
Lizalfos Mask Lizalfos Mask - TotK icon.png 3 Bubbul Gems 15 Bubbul Gems
8 × Ice-Breath Lizalfos Tail Ice-Breath Lizalfos Tail - TotK icon.png 3 Bubbul Gems 18 Bubbul Gems
Mystic Trousers Mystic Trousers - TotK icon.png 4 Bubbul Gems 22 Bubbul Gems
White-Maned Lynel Mace Horn White-Maned Lynel Mace Horn - TotK icon.png 4 Bubbul Gems 25 Bubbul Gems
Horriblin Mask Horriblin Mask - TotK icon.png 4 Bubbul Gems 30 Bubbul Gems
2 × Gleeok Wing Gleeok Wing - TotK icon.png 4 Bubbul Gems 34 Bubbul Gems
Lynel Mask Lynel Mask - TotK icon.png 4 Bubbul Gems 38 Bubbul Gems
3 × Gleeok Thunder Horn Gleeok Thunder Horn - TotK icon.png 4 Bubbul Gems 42 Bubbul Gems
Mystic Headpiece Mystic Headpiece - TotK icon.png 5 Bubbul Gems 47 Bubbul Gems
Koltin's Fabric Koltin's Fabric - TotK icon.png 100 Bubbul Gems 147 Bubbul Gems