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The Surface is a location named in multiple The Legend of Zelda series games, used to contrast with land floating in the Sky above.

Skyward Sword

The Surface is what Skyloftians call the land below The Sky. It was said to be almost non-existent, until Zelda was taken away by Ghirahim's black tornado. Soon afterwards it is revealed that Link is destined to go to the Surface to save Zelda. Only a few individuals on the Surface knew the existence of the Goddess Hylia and Skyloft. After a few thousand years, their story was forgotten and became legend. The game's opening sequence tells of a great war (later learned to be led by Demise) to enslave all the races of the Surface.

The area of the Surface where the Skyloftians later settle, led by Link and Zelda, is ultimately named Hyrule in honor of the Goddess Hylia.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Surface is referred to as the main land on the ground level of the Overworld. This is opposite to the Sky Islands that float up in the air and can be reached by Recall and other methods.[1] As well as the Depths, which are found deep down below the surface.