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Buliara - TotK Character Profile art.png
Art from Tears of the Kingdom


Gerudo Captain of the Guard





Riju's bodyguard



Breath of the Wild
Gerudo Town
Tears of the Kingdom
Gerudo Shelter
Lookout Landing

Buliara is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild


Buliara serves as the temperamental bodyguard of the Gerudo chieftainess, Riju. Riju can be found sitting on her throne in Gerudo Town, and Buliara is almost always by her side. She is rather protective of Riju, due to her young age and the recent rise of the Yiga Clan. Whenever Riju seems to doubt herself, due to her own inexperience, Buliara is always there to take the blame in her stead.[1]

When Link first appears in front of Riju, Buliara is very defensive of Riju, telling Link to state his business and to keep his distance.[2] After Link tells Riju that he's there to tame the Divine Beast Vah Naboris, Buliara chimes in saying that only Lady Urbosa was capable of doing such a thing. Unfortunately she, along with the rest of the Champions, had died 100 years earlier.[3] After Riju recalls that the fallen swordsman during the Great Calamity was also named Link, she seems a bit more intrigued with Links story.[4] Although Buliara will jump in, stating that the hero from the Calamity carried the legendary Master Sword with him, and Link is not carrying such a sword.[5] Buliara also thinks back and remembers that none of the Champions were Hylian women. Although it is at this point that Buliara realizes that Link is in fact a man.[6]

While Riju is quick to trust Link, Buliara is a bit more cautious. Buliara suggests to Riju that if Link wants to help, perhaps he should first prove his worth by trying to recovery the stolen Thunder Helm.[7] Buliara encourages Link to visit the nearby Barracks and speak with Captain Teake. The Captain has all the information regarding the Yiga Clan, who are responsible for stealing the Thunder Helm.[8][9]

Tears of the Kingdom

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When Link first arrives at Gerudo Town, he'll find the town empty as all the Gerudo have taken shelter down below at the Gerudo Shelter. After examining Riju's Diary, Link will find a secret entrance behind the throne. When he reaches the shelter, he is confronted by two guards, and Merina tries to kick Link out of the area. Buliara will appear and give message that Link is permitted to be in the Gerudo Shelter.

Buliara tells Link that she has sent out a patrol to investigate why the Sand Shroud is occurring, but that a swarm of monsters known as Gibdo have appeared, attacking the troops. This is why the Gerudo have taken shelter down below. Buliara mentions that Riju is off at the ruins to the north, currently training. This will begin the Riju of Gerudo Town main quest.

Following the clearance of the aforementioned quest, and having removed the Sand Shroud from the Gerudo region, Riju will send Buliara to Lookout Landing, where she stays for the remainder of the game.



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