Riju's Diary

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Riju's Diary
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Riju's Diary is an object from Tears of the Kingdom. It can be found on a table in Riju's bedroom.

Note Transcript

I received an unsettling report from Buliara today. A strange haze-some have called it gloom-is emanating from beneath Hyrule Castle. Those who touch it fall ill... But my friends Link and Zelda are in Hyrule. I'm sure that those two can get to the bottom of this problem.

A new, much more worrying report has arrived. Both Link and Zelda have gone missing while exploring below Hyrule Castle. Shortly after they were lost, the castle lifted off into the sky, where it was joined by countless small, floating islands. So much happening all at once... What is going on in the world? And...are those two safe?

Things grow more and more dire across Hyrule, and now the danger has come here as well. A sand shroud, the worst sandstorm in recent memory, has covered the area. People are taking shelter underground. We traveled out to see if we could discern the cause of it, but we were ambushed by new monsters called Gibdos. To make matters worse, I was able to accurately hit them with the lightning I can call down... We're inundated with those seeking safety from the sand shroud or the Gibdos, and we still don't know what has caused this. As the chief of Gerudo Town, I am to blame for these failures...

The fortifications protecting the shelter are strong. There's no way the monsters will be able to break through. We're also lucky to have a good source of water in the shelter, but we must watch for invaders trying to use the waterways... And, as a precaution, we should cover the hole behind the throne.

Sitting here feeling sorry for myself won't solve anything. I'm going to leave Buliara in charge of the shelter and go train. The ruins to the north aren't too far-they should be the perfect place for me to practice with my lightning. Despite my worries for my people, and for the world, I must do what I can. I know that's what Zelda would advise me to do. Oh, Lady Urbosa, if only you were here with us. Watch over us all in these dark times, and keep Zelda and Link safe...