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Pikango is a character found in Breath of the Wild.


Pikango is a traveling painter and appears at Kakariko Village. He is originally from the village, but left many years ago in search of beautiful landscapes to paint, subsequently meaning he is not recognised by most of the Kakariko folk. He regularly forgets who is who within the village as they all wear the same clothes.[1] Pikango is a traveler and will appear throughout Hyrule, where he is present at almost all of the various Stables.

At Kakariko Village Pikango wakes up each morning at 5am and makes his way over to just outside Impa's house. Here he has his paint setup where he is painting a picture of Impa's House. He remains here for the duration of the day, and at 10pm he will head over to the Shuteye Inn where he sleeps on the floor.

Pikango will ask Link if he's a fellow traveler and talks about how he enjoys traveling the world, searching for beautiful landscapes.[2]

Pikango has heard stories of a Great Fairy Fountain somewhere near the village. The place has a mysterious power and is breathtakingly beautiful. He wants to know more about it, but comments that none of the villagers he speaks to want to tell him anything as he's considered an outsider, as he hasn't lived in the village for multiple decades, and consequently isn't familiar with many of the younger, current inhabitants.[3][4][5][6]

Pikango is shown to be kind to those he meets, as when he leaves the Tabantha Bridge Stable, Sho mentions how he painted a picture of a beetle for them, due to Sho having a fascination with beetles, like Beedle.

Find the Fairy Fountain

Main article: Find the Fairy Fountain

After acquiring the Camera Rune, Link can return to Pikango and chat with him as he has a lead on where to find the Great Fairy Fountain. While he know's the location, he thinks it's too hard to get there.[7]

If Link offers to help out Pikango, this will begin the Find the Fairy Fountain quest. Pikango has a good idea of where the fountain is and asks Link to come along.[8] Pikango is thankful and begins to run towards the Ta'loh Naeg Shrine, located right near Kakariko Village.[9]

After passing the Shrine, Pikango will get tired and will need to sit down. However, he believes the Great Fairy Fountain to be just beyond along the path. He asks that if Link finds the fairy fountain, he take a picture of it.[10][11]

After finding the fairy fountain and meeting the Great Fairy, Cotera, Link will need to use the Camera to take a picture of the opened Fairy Fountain.[12] Return to speak with Pikango and show him the picture that was found.[13] He's a bit disappointed as he felt the fountain would be a bit more sacred and elegant looking. As a reward for helping him find the quest, he will help Link with the Captured Memories quest.[14]

This will complete the Finding the Fairy Fountain quest. Now when Link finds Pikango at the various stables in Hyrule, Pikango will help Link with other pictures as part of the Captured Memories quest.

Captured Memories

Main article: Captured Memories

As part of the Captured Memories quest, Link will show Pikango a variety of pictures and he will point Link in the direction as to where he can find the locations. Usually the picture that Link shows Pikango is dependent on the location, usually it being one of the closer locations.

  • Outskirt Stable - The stable is surrounded by cliffs, so Pikango will comment that it lacks any striking scenery.[26] When Link shows Pikango a picture, he immediately recognizes it as the Sanidin Park Ruins, located just northwest of the stable at the Safula Hill.[27] While Pikango is a painter by trade, he can tell that the horse statue is a true masterpiece and it's definitely worth seeing.[28] This is where Link will awaken the To Mount Lanayru memory.
  • Riverside Stable - Pikango is painting a picture of the volcano over at Death Mountain that can be viewed in the distance.[29] When Link shows him a picture from his album he will immediately recognize the location as Lake Kolomo, just west of the stable.[30] He comments that it is a rather beautiful spot and that he's been there before.[31] This leads Link to recall the Resolve and Grief memory.
  • Serenne Stable - Pikango is painting a picture of some trees that make up the landscape, just in front of the stable. He mentions that from time to time, it's nice to just relax and paint a place like this.[32] When Link shows Pikango a picture, he immediately recognizes Hyrule Castle. He mentions that he cannot see Castle Town in the picture, indicating that it must be taken from the north side. He thinks the location is north of the Hyrule Castle Moat, just southeast of the stable.[33] Pikango does warn Link, even though the locatino is a safe distance, the area around the castle is extremely dangerous.[34] This will lead to the Silent Princess memory.
  • Tabantha Bridge Stable - Pikango is painting a picture of a Horse, as he states that it is nice to just relax and observe the animals every once in a while.[35] After Link shows Pikango a picture, he will immediately recognize the location as the Ancient Columns. He will guide Link across the Tabantha Great Bridge, indicating the columns are on the large cliff to the south.[36] He also recognizes the Tena Ko'sah Shrine, which is found just east of where the memory is.[37] This will lead to recall the Zelda's Resentment memory.
  • Wetland Stable - Pikango can be seen painting a picture of Hyrule Castle. When Link shows him a picture, he's initially unsure as to the location, thinking it's just south of the stable. However, after taking a closer look, he thinks its the forest on the other side of the river, just northeast of the Bottomless Swamp.[38] He recalls taking a stroll and seeing a view like that.[39] Pikango is spot on, as the memory is found in the forest, just northeast of the Bottomless Swamp. This will lead Link to recall the Despair memory.
  • Woodland Stable - It seems a bit unclear what Pikango is painting from the stable, but he is facing the direction of the Crenel Hills. He refers to the area as a very dignified structure and wonders how nature created such magnificence.[40] When Link shows Pikango a picture, he immediately recognizes the location as a stage, just south of Hyrule Castle where knighting ceremonies were performed.[41] However, the place is now in ruins and Pikango tells Link it is extremely dangerous to travel there now.[42] The area is surrounded by Guardian Stalkers, but when Link arrives, he can recall the Subdued Ceremony memory.


  1. It's been years since I've visited this village, so it was hard to dig up info. As you've probably noticed, the people here all wear the same attire. I made the mistake of asking the same person the same thing multiple times. Oops. I was already a stranger to the village, but now I'm a suspicious roamer to them. But if it helps me track down a beautiful landscape, I don't care what people think of me! - Pikango
  2. Hm? Are you... Sorry to bother you, but are you a fellow traveler? As for me, I just looove art. In fact, I'm traveling the world in search of beautiful landscapes. - Pikango
  3. Just between you and me... I hear there's a Great Fairy Fountain somewhere near this village. I hear it's breathtakingly beautiful. Aesthetics aside, they also say the place can bestow some kind of mysterious power on people... However, since I'm an outsider, I can't get anyone to tell me an more details than that. These villagers never leave the safety of their village, so travelers like me are treated with suspicion. But I won't give up! Oh, and if I manage to find out anything, I'll be sure to let you know. - Pikango
  4. They say there's a Great Fairy Fountain somewhere in this village. I hear it's utterly breathtaking. - Pikango
  5. It's too bad I just can't figure out the exact location... - Pikango
  6. Someday I hope I can see that place spoken of in whispers, veiled in mystery...the Great Fairy Fountain... - Pikango
  7. Oh, it's you! Great timing! I have some news. I did more research regarding the Great Fairy Fountain..and I have a lead! However...although I know of the spot where it's likely located, it's really hard to get there. I'm not sure I can do it... *SIGH* Even if it's just a picture, I'm dying to see it... - Pikango
  8. Oh! I know it! I just KNEW there was someone like me nearby who appreciates true beauty. Sadly, I can't pin down the exact location of the Great Fairy Fountain. I haven't put it all together yet, but there's a suspicious place I have my eye on... In fact, I was about to head there now. Would you like to come along? - Pikango
  9. Great answer! Just what I expected from a fellow beauty connoisseur like you. All right then. Follow me! - Pikango
  10. So...tired... Hills aren't easy for old gofies like me. Sorry, but I don't think I can go on.. *pant* The Great Fairy Fountain should be... along the path that leads past the shrine. *pant* That's what I've been told, anyway. Yeesh, I'm completely out of breath! That always happens right about here. *pant* I think I'd better rest for a bit. You go on ahead. And hey, if you find it...don't forget to get a picture! - Pikango
  11. My desire to view beautiful landscapes is stronger than anyone else's. Ever, I'm pretty sure. But my body just can't handle the groundwork... Even now, my knees are trembling. - Pikango
  12. Ahhh! You...you found it?! Really?! Are you serious right now?! And if you are, then where's the picture? You remembered to bring the picture, right? - Pikango
  13. ... This...is the Great Fairy Fountain? It's certainly beautiful, but...I thought it would be more...sacred and elegant. - Pikango
  14. Well, I'm impressed you found it. I want to give you something to show my appreciation, but I don't think I have anything on me... I know! Is there a place you've been seeking? I've traveled all over Hyrule, so I might be able to help you find it. - Pikango
  15. A large gate with a snowy mountain beyond it... Oh, I know that place! There is a big mountain east of this village... It's called Mount Lanayru. At the base of Mount Lanayru, on the west side of the Naydra Snowfield, lies that gate. I'm almost certain! - Pikango
  16. I'm glad I knew about that location. I suppose my help was useful, then? - Pikango
  17. A long time ago, Mount Lanayru's peak was said to be a sacred place where dragons lived. I think that's just a legend...but wow, if it's true, I would love to capture that in a piece of art! - Pikango
  18. Colorful leaves gently falling... A fort that fell to the Great Calamity... Unspeakable sorrow surrounds this landscape. - Pikango
  19. Hmm... I' know I've seen that spring and that Goddess Statue before... There was a place like this at the ruins in North Akkala Valley, to the west of here. - Pikango
  20. It's pretty much directly west of here. I'm certain you'll be able to find it without any trouble. - Pikango
  21. A canyon painstakingly carved out by the mighty wind over countless years... What a magnificent sight to behold. - Pikango
  22. Hmm. This picture... Oh! Isn't this the Kara Kara Bazaar? It's an oasis just outside Gerudo Town. If you head southwest from here, you can't miss it. It's a great place, just brimming with an exotic atmosphere. It's certainly worth visiting at least once in your life. - Pikango
  23. Oh! You're the guy who found the Great Fairy Fountain! Funny running into you here. Are you traveling too? I've traveled all over the world, so I'm happy to tell you about new places, if you want. If you have a picture to show me, let's see it already! - Pikango
  24. Hmm... Ah, these two tiny stone statues depicted here...and that faint view of the Bridge of Hylia in the distance... From this angle, I think perhaps this is the northeast shore of Lake Hylia. Possibly Scout's Hill or perhaps a little further east of there. - Pikango
  25. That's all I know, I'm afraid... Sorry, but you'll have to follow your own feet if you want to find it. But these statues... They look like a husband and wife embracing. Such a simple yet charming sight. - Pikango
  26. Hmm... This stable is surrounded by cliffs, so it lacks striking scenery. - Pikango
  27. Oh! That horse statue! That is at the Sanidin Park Ruins. Yes, there are some park ruins on Safula Hill to the northwest of here. You'll find this horse statue there. - Pikango
  28. Painting is my passion, but even I can tell that statue is a true masterpiece. It's worth seeing at least once. - Pikango
  29. Hmm... The volcano has a completely different face when viewed from this stable... - Pikango
  30. Hmm... That's Lake Kolomo, isn't it? It's an oddly shaped lake west of here. There's a forest on the west side of it. Yes, I can see some trees here as well. It must be over there. - Pikango
  31. I've been there before. It's a rather beautiful spot. - Pikango
  32. What a tranquil landscape. It's nice to relax and paint in a place like this every now and then. Hey! We meet again. Are you out traveling as well? I've traveled all over the world, so I'm happy to tell you about new places, if you want. If you have a picture to show me, let's see it already! - Pikango
  33. Ah... Here you can see Hyrule Castle in the distance. So this must be north of the castle. The south side of the castle is where Castle Town used to be, but I don't see any buildings here, which means... Yes, indeed, I'd say this is likely on the north side, across the castle moat. It should be southeast of this stable. - Pikango
  34. However... The area around the castle is extremely dangerous. If you find yourself in trouble, please promise to run. FAST. - Pikango
  35. Yes... It's nice to relax and observe the animals every once in a while. - Pikango
  36. Ah, these are...the ancient columns. If you cross the Tabantha Great Bridge over there, there's a large cliff to the south. The ruins are atop that cliff. - Pikango
  37. I recall that shrine you can see on the right there, too, so I'm pretty certain that's the place. - Pikango
  38. That forest... I get the feeling I've seen it before. I can't say for certain, but I believe this may depict the forest just south of here. No... Wait... Maybe it's the forest on the other side of the river, northeast of the Bottomless Swamp? - Pikango
  39. I went for a stroll around there recently and I feel like I may have seen a view like that. - Pikango
  40. Wow... What a dignified structure! How does nature create such magnificence? - Pikango
  41. Hmm... This picture show Hyrule Castle in the distance. They say there used to be a stage where knighting ceremonies were performed, just south of Hyrule Castle. It's in ruins now, but...I'm pretty certain that's what's in this picture. - Pikango
  42. However...that area is extremely dangerous. If you're planning on going there, please be careful. - Pikango