Find the Fairy Fountain

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Find the Fairy Fountain



Completed Locked Mementos
Acquire Camera Rune


Speak with Pikango at Kakariko Village



Pikango Helps with Captured Memories quest





Find the Fairy Fountain is a Main Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Follow Pikango to the ledge above Kakariko, just beyond the Ta'loh Naeg Shrine. Pikango will get tired and sit down on the side of the path, but will ask Link to find the Great Fairy Fountain up ahead and to take a picture of it.[1]

Continue into the forest and find Great Fairy Cotera's fountain. Examine the Fairy Fountain and pay either 100; 500; 1,000; or 10,000 Rupees (depending on how many Great Fairies have been restored to power already) to get Cotera to come out. At this point, Link can talk to Cotera to upgrade some of his armor.

After you're done chatting with Cotera, pull out the Camera and take a picture of the fairy fountain. The Great Fairy herself will not be in this picture, but that is not necessary. Return the picture to Pikango to complete the quest.[2][3]

The reward is that Pikango will give Link hints that will help him complete the Captured Memories Main Quest. His first hint is for the Return of Calamity Ganon pictured, located at the Lanayru Road - East Gate. Pikango recognizes Mount Lanayru in the background and knows that the Naydra Snowfield is right next to it.[4] This is right nearby where the gate that is shown in the picture is located.

Pikango will appear at various stables through Hyrule. Once the Find the Fairy Fountain quest is complete, Pikango will give Link hints on finding the other locations that are in the quest.


Once you have the Camera Rune, return to Kakariko Village and speak with Impa and complete the Locked Mementos quest. Then speak with Pikango, who can be found right across from Lady Impa's Hall, right near the small camp fire.



Adventure Log

Step Description
Pikango really wants to see the entrancing Great Fairy Fountain behind Kakariko Village, but all of his efforts to search for it have been stymied.

If you find the fountain, surely Pikango would appreciate proof of its location.
You took a picture of the Great Fairy Fountain Pikango was looking for and showed it to him.


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