The Crowned Beast

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The Crowned Beast



Speak with Kass at Rabia Plain


The Crowned Beast is a Shrine Quest from Breath of the Wild.

The quest is given to Link by Kass at the Rabia Plain.[1]

Link will need to mount a Mountain Buck and then ride it over to glowing pedestal that is right in front of Kass. Fortunately, there are a few Mountain Buck in the area, most notably in the northwest part of the Rabia Plain, near the shallow water. The best way to mount one is to stand on one of the higher elevations and look down on the animals. From there, Link can leap off and use his Paraglider to fly down to the buck, where he can immediately mount the animal. Alternatively, Link can crouch down and slowly sneak up on a Mountain Buck. Wearing the Stealth Set can help with sneaking up on the animal.

Once Link has mounted a buck, he can ride it over to the pedestal next to Kass. This will cause the Mezza Lo Shrine to appear, completing the Shrine Quest.



  1. A beast that wears a crown of bone,
    Prancing through the lush green.
    Mount the beast upon its throne,
    For only then the shrine is seen.
    - Kass