The Giant of Ralis Pond

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The Giant of Ralis Pond




Zora's Domain


Defeat the Hinox at Ralis Pond


Silver Rupee

The Giant of Ralis Pond is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Torfeau is an armored Zora striking a waterfall with her spear, just north of the western bridge exit of Zora's Domain. Speak to her and accept the quest to begin.


Head to the objective marker (Ralis Pond) and kill the world boss there, a Hinox. Follow the objective marker back to Torfeau for the reward, a silver rupee.

Note: If you have already killed the Hinox you are a step ahead. Just talk to Torfeau again.

Quest Description

Active Quest

Torfeau of Zora's Domain tasked you with hunting a Hinox.

The giant in question is said to be at Ralis Pond.

Updated Quest

You successfully defeated the Hinox at Ralis Pond.

Go report back to Torfeau in Zora's Domain.

Completed Quest

You defeated the Hinox at Ralis Pond and reported it to Torfeau, who praised you.