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Breath of the Wild
Outside the Soh Kofi Shrine (Initially)
Zora's Domain
Tears of the Kingdom
Zora's Domain

Torfeau is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Torfeau is a Zora who can initially be found just outside of the Soh Kofi Shrine, which is just north of the Zora River. When Link first walks by, Torfeau gets excited and calls him over. Torfeau has been looking for a Hylian like Link and mentions that Zora's Domain is in terrible danger.[1][2] Torfeau tells Link that Prince Sidon is waiting for him just to the east at the Inogo Bridge.[3]

Torfeau can later be found at the back of Zora's Domain where she is practicing with her Zora Spear. She recognizes Link from the Inogo Bridge and is excited to see him again. After appeasing the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, Torfeau will be delighted that it has stopped raining and the sky has finally cleared.[4][5]

Tears of the Kingdom

Torfeau initially be found on the staircase below the Throne Room. He tells Link to beware of the Sludge. Though Lady Yona and others washed much of the sludge away, it can still return.



  1. Oh, my, how wonderful! You are a Hylian, yes? - Torfeau
  2. Perfect! It must be my lucky day! Oh... *ahem* I apologize for calling out to you so suddenly. I am Torfeau of the Zora. I have been searching for a Hylian like you for a very long time! My home, Zora's Domain, is in terrible danger. That is why Prince Sidon sent me in search of a strong Hylian warrior. - Torfeau
  3. Prince Sidon is waiting at Inogo Bridge. Would you please talk to the prince and perhaps save us all? We would be ever so grateful! - Torfeau
  4. Hmm... Oh? Oh! You're the guy from Inogo Bridge! Did you see it? The Sky! It's finally sunny again! Ruta's water assault has stopped! - Torfeau
  5. Hiya! What's wrong, Hylian? I'm the same as usual! - Torfeau