The Korok Trials

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The Korok Trials



Begin The Hero's Sword Main Quest



Complete (3) Shrine Quests in the Great Hyrule Forest


The Korok Trials is a side quest in Breath of the Wild.


Talk to Chio in the Great Hyrule Forest to accept this quest.


This quest asks you to complete three Shrine Quests in the forest. Note that you need to actually complete the Shrine Quests to accomplish the objectives of this quest; completing the shrine does not count. Likewise, it's not necessary to activate/clear the shrines for the objectives to be completed. Each will be marked with an objective marker.

When all three are complete, return to the objective marker for a reward of three Hearty Truffles and to complete the quest.

Quest Description

Completed Quest

In the southwest: Trial of Second Sight
In the northwest: The Lost Pilgrimage
In the east: The Test of Wood

You completed these three trials, reported your success to Chio, and received a reward.