Curry for What Ails You

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Curry for What Ails You



Rito Stable


Give Lester some Goron Spice


Purple Rupee

Curry for What Ails You is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Talk to Lester at the Rito Stable to start this quest.


Lester wants some Goron Spice.

Buy some in Goron City. Return to him (objective marker can be used) to get a purple rupee and complete the quest.

Going forward, you can trade more to him for Hylian Rice.

Quest Description

Completed Quest

Lester from the Rito Stable in the Tabantha Frontier taught you to make curry rice. The base ingredients are Hylian rice and Goron spice. You can add different ingredients to the base recipe to make all sorts of curry rice.

Should you ever be in need of Hylian rice, he will trade you for some Goron spice.