Sunken Treasure

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Sunken Treasure




Recover and open a sunken treasure chest


Sunken Treasure is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Talk to Rozel on the dock at Lurelin Village and ask about the ocean to start this quest. Link will first need to ask Rozel about the village, before the option about the ocean is available. Rozel mentions that there are tales of a sunken treasure around here, but he's a bit too old to go venturing by himself. He asks Link to go in his stead and if Link agrees, this will begin the quest.[1]

The clue that Rozel gives to Link is that The treasure sleeps in the center of the golden triangle. Rozel will then offer to lend Link his Raft, which can be found tied up right at the dock.[2]


The golden triangle is located just south of the Korne Beach, out at sea. It's not that far and Link can use the raft, but it is a bit easier simply using Cryonis to create ice blocks. Travel south and in the distance, Link will see the three rocks. It might be a good idea to get rid of the Water Octoroks and Lizalfos that are found in the area. Use Cryonis and make your way over to the center of three rocks. There are four chests beneath the water here. Use Magnesis to lift them up and open them. The chests here contain two Topaz gems, a Sapphire gem, and a Thunderblade.

Lifting at least one of the treasure chests out of the water will advance the objective. Then return to Rozel and speak with him to complete the quest.


Adventure Log

Step Description
The retired fisherman Rozel lives a quiet life, spending each day simply staring at the sea.

He shared a legend of a sunken treasure:

"The treasure sleeps in the center of the golden triangle."

You should check it out.
"The treasure sleeps in the center of the golden triangle."

You pinpointed the location referred to by the legend and retrieved the treasure from the waters off Clarnet Coast.

You should tell Rozel the good news.
Rozel looked happy when he heard about the treasure.

The idea that there may be more treasure still waiting in the ocean depths tickles your sense of adventure.


  1. There are tales passed down of sunken treasure in the ocean around here... I would look for it myself if I were a bit younger, but I've grown old... But you look like you have a young pair of legs and a strong back. Do you want to go look in my stead? - Rozel
  2. I couldn't be happier to hear it. Now, according to the old tales... "The treasure sleeps in the center of the golden triangle." Oh, by the by, do you happen to have a boat? If not, I can lend you my raft. It's tied up at the wharf. Help yourself. - Rozel