Death Mountain's Secret

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Death Mountain's Secret
The location of the Drillshaft




Find the Drillshaft Dugby has hidden nearby.


Death Mountain's Secret is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Talk to Dugby (during the day while he is sitting in the spring) in the Goron Hot Springs to start the quest.


To find and obtain the Drillshaft, head east along the path from the Goron Hot Springs.

At the nearby overhanging cliffs, climb all the way to the top of the middle cliff. Head towards the tallest peak of the cliffs, and wrap around to the east side. There will be a breakable rock wall that is a different color and texture than the surrounding stone. The Drillshaft will be resting there.

Once located, return to Dugby with the Drillshaft in your inventory to complete the quest.

Quest Description

Active Quest

Dugby, the young Goron soaking on the Goron Hot Springs, said:

"I bid a tweshure binteen gear an ba Bridge of Eldin! Iz an abazing schtick! Beely bool! If boo bind it...iz boars!"

It sounds like gibberish, but maybe there's something to it after all?

If you catch him sleeping on the side of the spring:


"The the top of a lava waterfall..."

Updated Quest

You found a drillshaft buried in a crag between the Bridge of Eldin and Goron Hot Springs.

Could this be the treasure that Dugby mentioned? Try showing Dugby the drillshaft you've acquired.

Completed Quest

The treasure that young Goron Dugby hid and alluded to turned out to be...a drillshaft!

Since you found it, he's going to let you keep it.


Using the Sensor+ does not work for finding this Drillshaft, as it is hidden behind a cracked wall. Once the wall has been destroyed, the Drillshaft can be tracked.