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Dugby is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Dugby is a young Goron found swimming in the Goron Hot Springs. He tries to stay in longer than Grapp, but ends up getting too tired. If Link talks to him, he will give him a side quest called “Death Mountain's Secret”. Link must find a Drillshaft that he hid to complete the quest.

Tears of the Kingdom

Dugby can be found in Goron City. He initially wants to get to the end of the tracks with the mine cart to visit Gorondia, but the cart is broken. He mentions that Gorondia is a legendary place where Gorons of old used to live.

The Ancient City Gorondia!

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Speaking with Dugby will begin The Ancient City Gorondia! side quest. In order to complete the quest, grab the cart next to Dugby and place it on the rails. Then grab a Fan and attach it to the mine cart. Link can attach a second railcart if needed. Jump on the rail cart and activate the fan. Ride the cart to get to the other side of the tracks, reaching the YunoboCo HQ. As a reward, Dugby will give Link a Zonai Charge.