Stalhorse: Pictured!

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Stalhorse: Pictured!



Locked Mementos Main Quest


Speak with Juannelle at the Snowfield Stable


Take a picture of a Stalhorse


Silver Rupee

Stalhorse: Pictured! is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


In order to complete the quest, Link will first need to have completed the Locked Mementos Main Quest and acquired the Camera (Rune).

Talk to Juannelle, who can be found inside the Snowfield Stable.


Juannelle in the Snowfield Stable wants to see what a Stalhorse looks like. She has heard that the Stalhorse appears in the North Tabantha Snowfield, as well as to the east near some bizarre ruins. Link can find a Stalhorse near the skulls, located in the snowfield north of the Snowfield Stable. Alternatively, Link can find a Stalhorse just outside of the North Lomei Labyrinth well to the east. Much like the Stalkoblins that ride the horses, these can only be found at nighttime and will disappear when the sun rises.[1]

Make your way to either location and take a picture of one of the Stalhorses. Then return to the Snowfield Stable and show the picture to Juannelle. As a reward for helping her find a Stalhorse, she will give Link a Silver Rupee.



When you showed the picture of the Stalhorse to Juannelle, she carefully traced it so she'd have her own copy.

It seems she plans on using the picture in an article she's writing. With the picture for inspiration, she's excited to get to work!


  1. What's the deal? You haven't got a picture or anything... I guess it must be really, really tough to track down... Well, don't give up! Keep working on this scoop for me! A Stalhorse is probably a lot like a Stalkoblin... I bet it only comes out at night too! - Juannelle