Snowfield Stable

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The Snowfield Stable is a location from Breath of the Wild. It is one of fifteen stables that are located across Hyrule.

At the stable, there are multiple Hylian Retrievers. The dog with the darker fur can be found next to the Horses and if Link befriends him be feeding him, the dog will lead Link over to a treasure chest. The treasure chest is just to the north of the stable and contains a Feathered Spear. The a second dog at the south end of the stable will also lead Link to a treasure chest, this one found southwest of the stable and southeast of the shrine. This chest here contains a Star Fragment.

Rin Oyaa Shrine

Main article: Rin Oyaa Shrine

The Rin Oyaa Shrine can be found within just west of the Snowfield Stable, within the S. Tabantha Snowfield. The shrine requires Link to move metal blocks and block certain fans. Then Link can drop a ball and the existing fans will blow the ball around the room, eventually landing in the proper hole, allowing Link to reach the alter where Rin Oyaa awaits.

Stalhorse: Pictured!

Main article: Stalhorse: Pictured!

If Link speaks with Juannelle at the back of the stable, this will being the Side Quest titled Stalhorse: Pictured!. Link will need to find and take a picture of a Stalhorse with the Camera (Rune). A Stalhorse can be found in the N. Tabantha Snowfield, near the enemy skull base. However, like Stalkoblin, they will only come out at nighttime. After taking a picture, Link can show it to Juannelle to get a Silver Rupee.