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Travelling merchant / Fashionista



Breath of the Wild
Travels the roads between the Serenne Stable, Snowfield Stable, and Rito Stable
Tears of the Kingdom
Travels the road between Goron City and the Southern Mine


Nobo (Girlfriend)

Kanny is a male Hylian travelling merchant from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

He can be found travelling through the Tabantha Frontier on his horse, between the Snowfield Stable and the Serenne Stable, wearing a Snowquill Tunic and Snowquill Trousers.

A mushroom merchant, the stock he sells depends on the weather. During clear weather, he sells the following:

During bad weather like snowstorms (in Tabantha Tundra), rain, and thunderstorms, he sells:

Tears of the Kingdom

Kanny can be found on the road leading to Goron City where he is standing right by the road sign. The sign points to Gorton City to the north, or to Mine-Cart Land to the south. He mentions how rare it is to see a Hylian around the region as it's almost entirely Gorons that reside here. Kanny is in route Goron City where he hopes to purchase some fire-resistant clothing. He hopes that the clothes are affordable.[1]



  1. "Hey there! I'm glad to see someone out here. It's been a long, lonely journey. Been a while since I saw another Hylian. Around here, it's Gorons as far as the eyes can see. I'm en route to Goron City. I hear that's the place to go if you want fire-resistant clothes. Hopefully they're not too pricey." — Kanny, Tears of the Kingdom