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Nobo from Breath of the Wild







Kanny (Boyfriend)

Nobo is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Nobo can be found at the East Akkala Stable, where she will sit outside by the Campfire during the day when it is nice weather, and sit inside by the table on rainy days. She does not know who Link is, but assumes him to be a traveler, based on the way he looks.[1] She introduces herself to Link and explains that while she too has traveled around the world, she finds Akkala to be her home.[2]

Link is able to chat with Nobo about some of the locations in the area. She will mention the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, located to the north, although she says it was vacant last time she went over there.[3]

The Spring of Power

Main article: The Spring of Power

When Link talks to Noro, he can ask her about places in the area. Noro will mention the Spring of Power, which is located to the west of the stable. She mentions the legend that states, Offer the sacred article to the Spring of Power, thinking that it might be part of a ritual that Princess Zelda use to perform.[4] This will begin The Spring of Power shrine quest.

Tears of the Kingdom

Nobo can be found sitting on the wooden deck at the Woodland Stable. Nobo loves fashion and can be seen earing the Cece Brand of clothing. Nobo will comment on Link's clothing, criticising him if he isn't wearing a matching set.

She was traveling to Goron City with her boyfriend Kanny, as they were looking to purchase some trendy fire-risistant clothes. However, after running into the Gorons and their obsession with Marbled Rock Roast, Nobo got scared and came back to the Woodland Stable on her own.[5] She is still a bit worried about her boyfriend and doesn't quite understand why the Gorons are acting the way they are. They are usually very gentle and kind.[6]

At 10pm even evening, Nobo will head inside the stable and will sit at the table next to Bluni who is reading the Lucky Clover Gazette. She will eventually doze off, but Link can wake her up to find she is still thinking about Kanny.[7]



  1. Hello. Hm? I haven't seen you around here. Boy, you sure have strange tastes. You look like someone who has traveled willy-nilly all over the world. - Nobo
  2. Sorry! I haven't introduced myself. I'm Nobo. I've traveled everywhere, but at the end of the day, I like Akkala best of all. That's why I'm pretty familiar with stuff around here. - Nobo
  3. There's a lighthouse-lookin' home north of here. No one was there when I last stopped by, though... - Nobo
  4. Let's see... If you go west of the stable, there's a sacred place called the Spring of Power! "Offer the sacred article to the Spring of Power." That's what the legend says. Maybe it was part of a ritual the princess of Hyrule Castle used to perform? - Nobo
  5. "Ah. This is quite've put together. Although perhaps it could be a little more, um coordinated. That is, a complete set would really work for you. Sorry. My eye for fashion can't help but see what it sees. I'm forever tempted by the latest styles. The same is true for my boyfriend. The two of us were going to Goron City to buy their trendy fire-resistant clothes... But when we were about to arrive, we got tangled up with some Gorons with strange-looking rocks. I got scared and came back on my own. If you're going to Goron City, then you should be very careful. - Nobo", Tears of the Kingdom
  6. "It's so strange. I thought the Gorons were gentle and kind. I wonder if it has something to do with those strangely shaped rocks... I'm glad that my boyfriend went to buy the fire-resistant clothes, but I am a little worried... - Nobo", Tears of the Kingdom
  7. "...Kanny? You're back? I was waiting and waiting and just shut my eyes for a moment... ...Oh, you again. I thought you were my boyfriend. My boyfriend went to buy some of the fire-resistant clothes available in Goron City, but he hasn't come back yet. If we hadn't gotten tangled up with those Gorons with the strangely shaped rocks, I would be with him right now..." — Nobo, Tears of the Kingdom