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(to light) Source of fire


Pass time
Roast food
Heat Cooking Pot
Melt ice

Campfires are found across Hyrule in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Some campfires can be found openly across Hyrule, often but not always underneath a Cooking Pot. If they are not already lit, Link can light one with either a fire weapon (such as a flameblade), a metal weapon and piece of flint, or with a lit torch (or any wooden object which is on fire). A campfire which was lit by Link and has gone out (such as after sitting at it to pass time, see below) can always be relit in the same way provided the conditions remain dry - campfires cannot be lit in rain.

Alternatively, Link can make one almost anywhere by dropping a bundle of wood on dry, solid ground and lighting it in the same way.

He is told near the beginning of the game by the Old Man that he can sit by a campfire to change time of day to morning (05:00), noon (12:00) or night (21:00). Unlike sleeping in a bed, however, no health is restored by this. Link cannot use a campfire to pass time if he is under attack or in a threatening situation.

If no cooking pot is present, he can still roast food in the fire, but roasted food gives less health than the same food cooked in an actual cooking pot, and does not activate any special properties. Roasted food cannot be further cooked.

Making a campfire can also melt solid blocks of ice, such as the ones surrounding Hebra Tower.


  • During The Perfect Drink shrine quest, although Link cannot enter the Northern Icehouse at night and the ice he gets melts there in the heat of the day, it does not melt during time spent passing time at a campfire.