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Bluni is a character in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Bluni can be found at the Woodland Stable and will be reading the Lucky Clover Gazette.

Lucky Glover Gazette News

Link can return to Bluni and ask him what the news is in the Lucky Clover Gazette. Depending on progress, he will answer with different news.

  • Great Fairy Flees into Flower Bud.

A Great Fairy known for her love of music has hidden herself away in her flower bud. Nearby Woodland Stable is in a panic!

Bluni will comment that this is about the Great Fairy who lives just north of the Stable, and when he got here she was already hiding.

  • Matriarch Revitalizes Kakariko Village. Zonai Survey Team's Eyes Turn to Its Ring Ruins.

Kakariko Village has become the latest tourist destination as interest in the Ring Ruins keeps on growing!

Bluni will respond that this is about Necluda, and that is where the Ring Garland is being sold.