Lucky Clover Gazette

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Lucky Clover Gazette

The Lucky Clover Gazette is a location from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Lucky Clover Gazette is located just east of Rito Village. Due to the snowstorm, the struggling Rito Stable that previously inhabited the property had to be sold off and it was purchased by Traysi, who opened the Lucky Clover Gazette. The location serves as the headquarters for the newspaper.

Galli, the previous owner of the Rito Stable, can be found sitting at a fire outside the building. He talks about the time he put a Hylian Pine Cone on the fire, which created an explosion and large gust of wind. He warns Link not to do the same. If Link throws one onto the fire it will cause the fire to greatly expand, and create a tower of wind. Galli will chastise Link and tell him to be more careful.

Potential Princess Sightings!

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Penn and Traysi can be found inside the building. Traysi is stressed out over the investigation into Princess Zelda's disappearance. Penn will recognize Link from their previous encounter at Lookout Landing. Traysi will become upset at the conversation taking place next her when she is trying to focus, and for Penn constantly telling people she cheated Galli out of the stable.

Traysi will ask Link for the story with Princess Zelda so far, as Purah asked her to help out. She says that the Gazette has been receiving reports of people seeing Zelda all over Hyrule. Traysi asks for Link's help, and as an incentive brings out a full suit of Froggy Armor she will give to him piece by piece. Traysi's ask is to visit every stable for leads as stables bring in people and details. This will start the Potential Princess Sightings! side adventure.