Marbled Rock Roast

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Marbled Rock Roast
TotK Marbled Rock Roast Tower.jpg
A tower of Marbled Rock Roast in the center of Goron City


Cause of the Goron Regional Phenomena



In and around Goron City


Marbled Rock Roast is an object that appears in Tears of the Kingdom.


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When Link nears Death Mountain, Hylians will begin to warn him not to adventure into Goron City. The Gorons are eating a strange rock, and many of the younger Gorons are scamming tourists. As Link gets closer and closer to the city, he will find Gorons whose eyes are a bright pink. These Gorons are eating a roast of the same color, which they call Marbled Rock Roast. They are obsessed with it, and are willing to sell anything to obtain more.

Upon entering Goron City, Link can immediately see a towering pile of the Roast. Almost every young Goron is sitting around eating Marbled Rock Roast, while the elder Gorons are unaffected. Many of the elder Gorons are complaining about the younger Goron laziness, and their inability to do anything except eat.

The Roast is mined by YunoboCo, which is lead by President Yunobo. He sees no issue with the roast and what it has done to the residents, and only plans to create more of it as quickly as possible. At the YunoboCo HQ, Link finds Yunobo talking to "Zelda", who insists that Yunobo create more Roast. After Link has broken Yunobo's mask, the two climb Death Mountain to find Zelda. Once they reach the top, they encounter Moragia, a monster that appears to be made entirely of Marbled Rock Roast.

After its defeat, Link and Yunobo venture into Death Mountain Crater and reach the Fire Temple. At the end of the Temple, they encounter Marbled Gohma, a creature created by Ganondorf, and what is responsible for the Roast. When the two defeat the creature, the Marbled Rock Roast disappears from Goron City, and the residents return to their normal condition.


Marbled Rock Roast is said to have appeared immediately after the Upheaval. It is broken down from large, pink-veined rocks that can initially be found in the mines north of Goron City, and later inside Death Mountain as well. It is a hard rock, and only Yunobo is capable of breaking it with his unique ability. Elder Gorons are not capable of eating it due to their aged teeth, and nor are child Gorons ; as such, it is only eaten by the younger adult Gorons.

The Roast appears bright pink - the same color as eyes of the Goron who eat it. It appears to be made of Gloom Rock, which afflicts the one who eats it, and makes them only think about wanting more of the substance. It only has power for as long as what created it - Marbled Gohma - still exists, and instantly disappears from existence when the Marbled Gohma in the Fire Temple is defeated.