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At the start of Tears of the Kingdom

Key Characters


The Upheaval is an event that takes place in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

At the start of Tears of the Kingdom, Link and Zelda are walking Beneath Hyrule Castle, investigating the Gloom that had recently started appearing. Soon after finding the Zonai mural, they find Ganondorf's mummified body, being held in place by a mysterious hand. The hand falls off of Ganondorf, and his corpse begins moving and reanimates.

Ganondorf attempts to attack Zelda with the gloom, but Link interferes. He temporarily uses the Master Sword to block it, but is soon overpowered and much of the Sword is destroyed. Link's right arm is also heavily damaged and infected with the gloom, which reduces his health to three hearts.

A piece of the Master Sword that broke off flies into the face of the mummified body. Ganondorf mocks Link and his Sword for being unable to resist him. He then uses his power to raise the ground above him, which lifts Hyrule Castle into the air. The cavern they are in crumbles, with Ganondorf falling down below, Zelda disappearing into a light, and Link being saved by the mysterious arm.


  • This event is referred to by Hyruleans as the Upheaval.
  • Most visibly, Hyrule Castle rose into the Sky, where it remains throughout the entire story.
  • Large holes opened all across Hyrule, which became Chasms leading to the Depths.
  • Crafted weapons have had their blades decayed and weakened. This doesn't affect Shields or Bows.
  • The Master Sword is unusable and no longer able to defeat Ganondorf. It must be repaired to regain its former state.
  • Characters who knew Link and Zelda have not seen them since before this event. They are surprised, but happy, to see Link, and are concerned about where Zelda could be.