Yunobo's Power of Fire

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Yunobo's Power of Fire
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Recruit Yunobo by breaking the mask controlling him
Vow of Yunobo, Sage of Fire

How to Perform

Call Yunobo or his avatar with A when in proximity

Used by

Yunobo (Boss)
Yunobo's avatar


A fiery rolling attack


"When Yunobo's aura is charged, he can be aimed in any direction for a fiery rolling attack."

— In-Game Description

Yunobo's Power of Fire is a Sage ability found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Yunobo's Power of Fire appears to be an evolution of his antecedent ability, Daruk's Protection. Rather than being static while shielded, he can now roll in any direction at a high speed, with a flame effect, similar to Goron Link in Majora's Mask. By doing so, Yunobo can demolish obstacles such as Gloom Rocks or sediment walls, break ore deposits or damage enemies.

When first seen, Yunobo is being controlled by a strange mask he was apparently given by Princess Zelda, and, due to this, is pressuring his fellow people to mine "Marbled Rock Roasts" from gloom rocks, as no other means of breaking them have been discovered. After a fight within the YunoboCo HQ storage cave, Link destroys the mask, releasing him from the spell. However, the two then realize that they are trapped inside the cave. Yunobo asks Link to help guide him in breaking them out, as he can't see where he's going while using the power.

Yunobo goes on to help Link by using the Power of Fire against the monster Moragia, which was nesting within Death Mountain, and in clearing the Fire Temple. After this, he obtains a Secret Stone from the ancient Goron Sage of Fire, making himself the new Sage of Fire. From this point on, Yunobo can create a remote avatar and, after making the Vow of Yunobo, Sage of Fire, has the avatar tied to a ring on Link's right thumb, accompanying Link permanently. This allows the Hylian Champion to call upon Yunobo's Power of Fire anytime.