Yunobo of Goron City

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Yunobo of Goron City





Arrive at Goron City


Speak with Bludo and Yunobo



Yunobo of Goron City is a Main Quest from Tears of the Kingdom.


  • As part of the Regional Phenomena quest, Link will travel to Goron City. When he arrives, he meets Bludo, who is looking after Krane, who just ate some Marbled Rock Roast. President Yunobo appears and says there is nothing wrong with the Marbled Rock Roast. Yunobo says that YunoboCo runs the city now and Bludo is not needed. After hearing that Princess Zelda is missing, Yunobo quickly changes the subject and says that the Gorons cannot help with that. He then takes off for YunoboCo HQ, which will begin the quest.
  • Travel to YunoboCo HQ, which is located north of Goron City. After arriving and seeing Yunobo talking to Zelda, Link will battle Yunobo. Wait for Yunobo to charge and dodge out of the way. Yunobo will go crashing into the wall, leaving him vulnerable to be attacked. Each time Link attacks him, his mask will slowly start to break. After a series of hits, Yunobos mask will break and the battle will end.
  • Using Yunobo's Power of Fire, blast at the rocks to escape the cave. Back outside, Yunobo will encourage Link to head to the Death Mountain Crater, where he first saw "Princess Zelda".
  • Link can follow the path from Goron City to Death Mountain. Once he draws near on the main path and crosses the Bridge of Eldin. He can find the rail carts. The parts with wooden platforms on the map are where Link can place rail cars with fans. Do so and begin to scale up Death Mountain. While riding on a mine cart, Link can use Yunobo's power of fire to hit enemies and boulders that block the path.
  • This will trigger Moragia to ride up from Death Mountain Crater. This creature is covered in Gloom Rock and Link will need to use Yunobo's charge attack to defeat the three heads. In order to do so, grab the nearby Wing that has numerous Zonai Devices attached to it. Use this flying device to get close to the heads of Moragia. When you are nearby, launch Yunobo at the large faces. An attack with Yunobo will cause each of the heads to crumble.
  • Link can then dive down the Death Mountain Chasm to arrive in the Depths. Nearby he'll find the Mustis Lightroot to light up the area. From there, Link can travel west, using vehicles, as well as Brightbloom Seeds to light the way. He'll eventually arrive at the Misisi Lightroot. Once he continues a bit further to the west, he'll find the Fire Temple.
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Adventure Log

Step Description
Many of the Gorons in Goron City are ravenously eating marbled rock roast. Yunobo and a blond woman seem to be involved with this new rock.

Yunobo and the others are now headed for YunoboCo HQ to look into some marbled rock roast business.
Yunobo came back to his senses. Working together, everyone safely escaped the cave.

If you go to Death Mountain, where Princess Zelda and Yunobo last met, you may be able to find a lead.
Just as you caught sight of Zelda at Death Mountain's crater, a massive red rock monster appeared from the crater, blocking your entry.

In order to follow after Zelda, you must defeat the monster.
You defeated the monster that emerged from Death Mountain's crater, but Princess Zelda was nowhere to be seen. Worried that she may have fallen into the caldera, Yunobo dove into the crater.
An area flowing with lava is at the bottom of the crater. While taking it all in, you heard a mysterious voice call to you, saying, "Come."

A large structure stands in the distance. The voice sounded like it was coming from that direction.
Guided by a mysterious voice, you arrived at a massive structure.

You spotted Princess Zelda again before losing sight of her near the entrance.
Princess Zelda was sucked into the ceiling along with the red rocks, and the area is blocked by iron bars.

If you go to the five places indicated by the mysterious voice, you may be able to clear the way.
With Yunobo's assistance, you successfully unlocked the five locks.

The room where you saw Princess Zelda is now accessible.
Upon destroying the red rock in the ceiling in an attempt to rescue Zelda, a large four-legged monster appeared.

It seems the monster's body is covered in the same red rocks.
You defeated the four-legged monster, but Princess Zelda was nowhere to be seen. Shortly afterward, however, a sparkling stone fell from the ceiling.

Yunobo is looking at it with wonder.
Upon returning to Goron City, you found that the marbled rock roast had vanished, and the Gorons had resumed their usual activities.

Yunobo awakened as the Sage of Fire and is excited to help you. He has pledged to continue looking for clues about Princess Zelda.