Uma's Garden

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Uma's Garden
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Speak to Uma in the Hateno School field


Pick a fruit or vegetable to grow, and see it to the first harvest


Farm a chosen fruit or vegetable repeatedly

Uma's Garden is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


After being given permission from Symin to plant in the Hateno School field, Link can talk to the school's gardener, Uma, to decide what to grow. She can grow Fortified Pumpkin, Sun Pumpkin, Swift Carrot, Endura Carrot, Hearty Radish, Big Hearty Radish, Hylian Tomato, Wildberry, Hydromelon, Tabantha Wheat or Hylian Rice. However, she notes that as she "don't know too much yet about raising endura carrots and hearty radishes", the yield on those will be lower. To grow one, Link must have an example available to give Uma for seeds.

After he leaves Hateno, then one hour [real-life gameplay time] later, he can return to pick his first crop and end the quest, although the chosen plant will continue to regrow unless he gives Uma an alternative plant to replace it.


Complete Teach Me a Lesson I & Teach Me a Lesson II.


  • After completing both "Teach Me a Lesson" quests, speak to Uma in the Hateno School field
  • Give her an example of the vegetable Link wants her to grow from Fortified Pumpkin, Sun Pumpkin, Swift Carrot, Endura Carrot, Hearty Radish, Big Hearty Radish, Hylian Tomato, Wildberry, Hydromelon, Tabantha Wheat or Hylian Rice. All will grow nine per harvest except the radish and endura carrots. Only three Endura Carrots will grow per harvest, while either type of Hearty Radish will only grow two.
    • Endura Carrots are found in large numbers around Satori Mountain, and smaller numbers at Cherry Trees in general.
    • Hearty Radish & Big Hearty Radish are found only on Sky Islands, such as at the north point of the lower roof on Zonaite Forge Island.
    • Hylian Tomatoes grow wild around most settlements in Hyrule, such as the path to Kakariko Village
    • Wildberries grow only in cold areas - Hebra, the Gerudo Highlands and Mount Lanayru.
    • Generally, Swift Carrots and Fortified Pumpkins must be purchased.
    • Sun Pumpkins must also be purchased, although the Homegrown in Hateno side quest must also be completed first, and Link is given five as the quest reward for this.
    • Tabantha Wheat & Hylian Rice can be purchased, or found randomly from cutting grass.
  • For the crops to grow, Link must leave Hateno Village. It will nominally take two in-game days for them to grow; time spent sleeping, staring at a campfire, or taking part in any quest which involves a time jump to a specific time of day during a cutscene (such as Homegrown in Hateno or Legend of the Great Sky Island) is not included in this. One hour of real-time gameplay must pass.
  • Return to get the first harvest and complete the quest.
  • The original crop will regrow every hour (real-time gameplay, not including time in Hateno), but Link can change this at any time by speaking to Uma and giving her an example of the new crop. Only one type of plant can be grown at a time - both the seed plant and any currently-growing examples of the previous type of plant will be lost.

Adventure Log

Step Description
To celebrate you becoming a teacher, Uma will grow something you like. Your choice is limited to pumpkins, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, wildberries, wheat, rice, and hydromelons. If you talk to Uma after planting something, she can plant something else instead.
Uma grew something for you in her garden to celebrate you becoming a professor. She was very pleased with the first harvest. You're free to use the garden's bounty as you please. If you talk to Uma again, she can plant something else there instead.