The North Necluda Sky Crystal

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The North Necluda Sky Crystal



Arrive at Sky Islands in the North Necluda Sky Archipelago


Examine the Josiu Shrine entrance


Bring the Rock Over to the Shrine


Access to Josiu Shrine



The North Necluda Sky Crystal is a Shrine Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


The quest is available as soon as Link arrives at the group of Sky Islands in the North Necluda Sky Archipelago, just east of the Great Sky Island.


  • The goal is to grab the green rock and bring it over to the shrine entrance. As with many shrine quests, there are numerous different ways to accomplish this goal.
  • Along the path, there is a circle that has four curved arrows pointing upward. Just above it, there is a floating curved stone that Link can move with Ultrahand. When moving this stone, it will rotate the massive curved platform that is directly in front of it.
  • One simple solution is to move the curved stone so it is connecting the far platform in the distance and the platform on the left.
  • Then move the curved stone again, this time connecting the platform on the left, with the one closest to Link.
  • Move Link onto the curved platform and then use Recall on the smaller floating stone, causing the large platform to turn. Be sure to cancel recall once it is in place. Then run over to the northern platform and grab the Green Rock. Carry it over and place it on the large curved platform.
  • Now Link can climb up and glide back over to the device that controls the large platform. Turn it again so that Link can reach the Green Rock.
  • Carry the Green Rock over to the shrine to complete the shrine quest.

Josiu Shrine

Main article: Josiu Shrine

The Josiu Shrine itself is one of Rauru's Blessings. Inside there is a single treasure chest that holds a Large Zonai Charge. Walk over to the altar to get a Light of Blessing.

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