The Great Tumbleweed Purge

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The Great Tumbleweed Purge




Speak with Barles in the Gerudo Canyon


Destroy Tumbleweed




The Great Tumbleweed Purge is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


Barles in the Gerudo Canyon ( -1010 , -3581 , 0219 ) needs help cleaning up a horrific number of tumbleweeds.


  • Clear the tumbleweeds in the ditch near Barles
  • Using Flame Emitter attached to a shield (or using Mineru's pact) is a good strategy, but lighting a large enough number on fire will cause an updraft, causing nearby tumble weeds to fly up into the air.
  • Another method is to use Bomb Flower
  • You may lose sight of a couple of them, so moving them into one giant pile allows you to avoid this hassle.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Barles is trying to clean up a mountain of garbage but can't cope with a large number of tumbleweeds that have blown in. She's tried to dispose of them one by one, but they just keep rolling back. If she could only get rid of the tumbleweeds, then she'd make some progress on cleaning.
You cleaned up the tumbleweeds that were piling up in the mountain of garbage. After they were gone, Barles gave you her thanks and was eager to take on cleaning up the garbage pile...somehow.