The Missing Farm Tools

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The Missing Farm Tools





Speak to Penn at Wetland Stable


Take Izra from Wetland Stable to Floret Sandbar down the Hylia River


Varies depending on how many Potential Princess Sightings! quests have been previously completed, see that article




The Missing Farm Tools is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


Izra is unable to do his job because Zelda borrowed Wetland Stable's farm tools and never returned them. Link must take him downriver to Floret Sandbar without incident. Once there, Magda appears, and says that Zelda borrowed the tools on her behalf to make a plant sanctuary on Floret Sandbar. She then press-gangs Izra into helping restore the damage done to it in the Upheaval.


Link must have spoken to Traysi and taken a freelance job for the Lucky Clover Gazette in the Potential Princess Sightings! Side Adventure.


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To start this adventure, you must first start the "Potential Princess Sightings!" side adventure at the Lucky Clover Gazette in Hebra. Talk to Traysi to begin the adventure.

To begin, talk to Penn at the Wetland Stable. He informs you of a lead he found regarding Princess Zeldas' whereabouts. He explains to you that Princess Zelda borrowed a bunch of farm tools from the stable one night and never brought them back. He then tells you that Izra, the stable ferryman is looking for the tools. He is located northwest of the stable, standing on a small dock with a raft floating in the water.

Talk to Izra. He will say that he needs to get to Floret Sandbar down the Hylia River, but he can't navigate through all of the fallen ruins.

There are some Zonai Devices nearby on a ruin in the river, specifically a Steering Stick, Fan, and Battery. Affix them to the raft and talk to Izra again. When he mentions his need to reach Floret Sandbar, tell him that you can take him. He will then tell you to make sure to cut the raft loose from the dock.

Once Izra boards the raft, cut the rope and navigate the ruins on the river using the raft. Izra will give you directions though pop-up speech bubbles. Floret Sandbar is directly south of the small dock that you started on.

When you reach Floret Sandbar, a cutscene will play where Penn flies down from the sky and says he saw you floating down the river. Magda (a.k.a. Flowerblight Ganon) then appears and there is a brief misunderstanding between Izra and Magda. Magda then explains that she has the farm tools after Zelda brought them to her, explains her gardening to Izra, and asks for his help. Izra is reluctant, but Magda pressures him into helping.

Penn then rewards you for your help based on how many scoops you've helped dig up for the Lucky Clover Gazette.

Adventure Log

Step Description
It seems that Princess Zelda borrowed a stable's farm tools and hasn't returned them. Penn has some wild notions about why she'd need such tools—and why she hasn't returned them. But he wants more facts. Apparently Izra, who looks after the stable's raft, might have more details.
Princess Zelda borrowed tools from a stable some time ago and headed downriver to Floret Sandbar. Izra wants to go that same way on his raft but worries about running into ruins that now clutter the river. If only someone would take him down the river on the raft...
You discovered why Princess Zelda borrowed the stable's tools and failed to return them: she was working on a garden at Floret Sandbar with Magda, but that was shortly before the princess vanished during the Upheaval. Penn was relieved to get the real story—a rare glimpse of something special few but the princess knew about.