The Heroines' Secret

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The Heroines' Secret
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Speak to Rotana in the Gerudo Shelter


Find and Photograph the four missing stone tablets in the Gerudo Shelter


Green-rupee.png 100
Begin The Mysterious Eighth quest




The Heroines' Secret is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


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Stelae locations:

  • In the room behind the open staela, behind a bombable wall of sediment.
  • In the Gerudo jail, where Wabbin is held. Link can be caught on purpose by stripping to his underpants or wearing the Yiga Set. Alternatively, he can Ascend from underneath via a storage cubby accessible from the bar.
  • In the "Voe and You" classroom, in two pieces. Look at it from the east to take the picture.
  • Near the "Voe and You" classroom, but further along the same corridor on the way to the Valley of Silent Statues. Blow the sand away using a Guster weapon or Zonai Device Fan, then use Ultrahand to reassemble it for the picture.

Adventure Log

Step Description
A Gerudo archaeologist named Rotana told you that there are stelae hidden in the shelter with information about the seven Gerudo heroines, and that she would like to see pictures of their contents. Only by finding all of the stelae can you piece together the heroines' secret.
You must still find [x] stelae.
You found all of the stelae and shared the information with Rotana. She spoke of a place deep in the shelter where statues of the heroines can be found. By placing orbs in the statues' arms, you may help solve the true mystery of the heroines. You are apparently free to use Rotana's orb.