Cold-Endurance Contest!

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Cold-Endurance Contest!




50 Rupees


Speak to Rahdo on top of Mount Granajh


Outlast Rahdo in an overnight cold endurance test





Cold-Endurance Contest! is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Rahdo "the Enduring" is camped out on top of Mount Granajh, and is confident that he can outlast anyone in a cold endurance contest. He challenges Link to this contest, and requires that he bet 50 Rupees, and Rahdo will do the same. The winner will get 100 Rupees as his prize.

The rules are as follows:

  • Link must last the entire night (From 8:30PM to 5:00AM).
  • Link can wear no clothing, so underwear only.
  • Link cannot leave his pillar. If his feet touch the ground, he loses.
  • If Link's health gets too low, Rahdo will end the contest, with Link as the loser.

Otherwise, any advantage that the player can give themselves is acceptable.


Link must have 50 Rupees for the bet.


While you can't wear any clothing to beat the cold, you can use pretty much anything else. Possible options you can consider are:

  • Eat cold resistance food/elixirs (Lvl 1 resist is all you need)
  • Fuse a Ruby or any other heat-emitting item to a weapon/shield and keep it equipped (equipment is allowed)
  • Build a fire (it is possible to drop the flint/wood you need to do so on top of the pillar, but it will require some very tricky positioning to do so)
  • Using Zonai Devices (Feel free to experiment, some Stakes and stone panels are nearby, but you can also use your Zonai Capsules)
    • Keep in mind that you will have to do your building during the contest. Any constructs made beforehand will disappear once the contest starts.

The whole contest lasts for seven real-time minutes. Once the clock hits 4:30 AM, Rahdo collapses, and calls it a win for Link. He'll congratulate you and give you a Silver Rupee, as promised. He will then challenge you to another contest, but this time in the heat.

Adventure Log

Step Description

Rahdo has challenged you to a contest of
endurance. To win, you must stand atop a pillar
through the cold of the night in nothing but
your underwear.

So long as you do not touch the ground, you're
allowed to do whatever it takes to endure.


You managed to defeat Rahdo in his
cold-endurance contest.

However, Rahdo refused to take your victory
lying down and immediately challenged you to
a heat-endurance contest.