The Mayoral Election

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The Mayoral Election




Quest Begins after completing 4 other quests


Speak with Sophie on a clear day to begin the election




The Mayoral Election is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


To begin this quest, Link will first need to complete four previous quests: Team Cece or Team Reede?, Cece's Secret, A New Signature Food, and Reede's Secret.


  • After completing the four quests, head over and speak with Sophie. It will have to be daytime on a clear or cloudy day.
  • Cece and Reede will both give their final pitches. However, both Cece and Reede's secrets come out. In the end, Cece decides to drop out of the race and the two decide to work together.
  • Speak with Cece again and she'll thank Link for helping out and calls the election a success. As a show of thanks, she will give Link the Cece Hat. Additionally, she will open the Ventest Clothing Boutique. The boutique here will now sell one-of-a-kind armor that Link previously acquired. If Link sells it elsewhere, he can always buy it back here.
  • Now that the boutique is open, if you wear your Hylian Hood while talking to Cece, she will offer to adjust it for you to a lowered look. You can talk to her again to toggle its look anytime.

Adventure Log

Step Description
It seems that the candidates have finished their preparations.

Talk to Sophie in front of Ventest Clothing to get the Hateno Village mayoral election underway.
The candidates have finished their preparations, and the Hateno Village mayoral election is ready to begin.

Talk to Sophie, the election official, during the daytime on a clear day to get the election underway. She can be found in front of Ventest Clothing.
The Hateno Village mayoral election ended with Reede staying on as mayor. However, Reede and Cece decided to join forces in making Hateno Village a thriving community.

Cece asked you to visit Ventest Clothing so that she can give you a thank-you gift.
The Hateno Village mayoral election ended with Reede continuing on as the mayor, but Reede and Cece decided to work together to ensure Hateno Village would continue to thrive. Cece gave you her masterpiece, the Cece hat, as a thank-you for wrapping things up peacefully.