Hateno Village Research Lab

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Hateno Village Research Lab



Complete A Mystery in the Depths and at least one dungeon


Speak with Robbie at Lookout Landing


Find Robbie at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
Discover the Mayahisik Shrine


Sensor ability for the Purah Pad



Hateno Village Research Lab is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


To unlock the mission, Link will first need to complete A Mystery in the Depths - which requires completing at least one dungeon - and gain the Autobuild Right Arm Ability.


Link will need to fix Robbie's Hot-Air Balloon.

  • After gaining the Autobuild ability and fixing Robbie's Hot-Air Balloon, speak with him again. He mentions that he can upgrade the Purah Pad and asks Link to meet him at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.
  • After traveling to the Research Lab, Robbie will upgrade the Purah Pad with the Sensor ability. He then asks Link to walk around the lab, using the sensor. If Link moves close to the front door, the sensor will go off. Although if Link gets too close, Robbie will yell at him, saying he should be testing the device. Eventually when Link is positioned right by the window, near the front door, Robbie comments that it is detecting a Shrine of Light.
  • Outside, right down the cliff, Link can use a Bomb Flower to blast open the entrance to the Retsam Forest Cave. Inside, Link will come across the Mayahisik Shrine.
  • Head back to visit Robbie and he'll be delighted that you found the Shrine. He posts the Operation Instructions for the Sensor on the wall. This will complete the quest.
  • After completing the quest, Link can speak with Robbie to begin a series of quests to get the Travel Medallion, Hero's Path, and the Sensor +. This unlocks the Presenting: The Travel Medallion! quest, the Presenting: Sensor +! quest, and the Presenting: Hero's Path Mode! quest.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Robbie says that he can equip your Purah Pad with a sensor that can detect specific things. He wants you to come to the Purah Pad Research Lab near Hateno Village.

You'll find it at the edge of the East Necluda region in southeast Hyrule. There he'll set up the sensor to detect shrines.
Robbie installed the senser, which can detect shrines. It uses sound to guide you to shrines and will respond more strongly when you move in the direction of the shrine.

Find the shrine down the slope right outside the lab, in the direction the sensor is pointing you.
You discovered the shrine that the sensor was reacting to in a cave at the bottom of the hill.

Go check in with Robbie.
Robbie installed the sensor, which detects shrines. He said he's created even more features for your Purah Pad. Speak to him anytime if you'd like to learn more.