Cave Mushrooms That Glow

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Cave Mushrooms That Glow




Speak with Nat outside the Brightcap Cave


Give Nat 10 Brightcap mushrooms



Cave Mushrooms That Glow is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Link must speak with Nat and Meghyn outside of Brightcap Cave east of the Lucky Clover Gazette.


Simply give Nat 10 Brightcap Mushrooms. Brightcap Mushrooms are fairly common within caves, it is likely that Link has enough Brightcap on him when he first begins the quest.

If Link does not have enough Brightcap mushrooms, he can find more inside of Brightcap Cave.

Nat and Meghyn mention they are on a journey to uncover a secret, but do not tell Link what the secret is. Instead, they say that they will tell him if they ever meet again. They mention heading North.

Adventure Log

Step Description
The sisters Nat and Meghyn have come to search for brightcaps in a cave, but they can't quite seem to step inside.

The older sister, Nat, won't leave until she gets 10 brightcaps.
You gave Nat 10 brightcaps and learned that she and her sister, Meghyn, are on a journey looking for..."that." They wouldn't tell you what "that" is, but said they would let you in on the secret if you meet again. It sounds like they're going to northern Hebra next.