The Hornist's Dramatic Escape

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The Hornist's Dramatic Escape



Speak with Eustus at the Tabantha Frontier


Rescue Eustus and his Wagon




The Hornist's Dramatic Escape is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


Eustus is a horn player who lost control of his wagon and fell in a small crater just south of Nero Hill. Link can speak with him to begin the quest. Eustus won't leave however, unless he gets his wagon out of the ditch as well.


To get the wagon out of the ditch, Link can attach a Flame Emitter to the top of the wagon. Then Link can attach a Balloon to the Flame Emitter. He can strike the Flame Emitter to have the Balloon will carry the Wagon up. Ascend can then be used by the nearby ledge to get up higher. When the Balloon rises up, Link can grab it with Ultrahand and move the wagon to safer ground. Alternatively, Ascend can be used first, and the Flame Emitter can be activated by shooting an Arrow at it, leaving Link already prepared to grab the wagon.

Eustus will need to be sitting in the wagon in order to complete the quest, so be sure to talk to him until he agrees to get in the wagon.

After successfully getting Eustus out of the hole, he'll reward Link with some Courser Bee Honey.

Adventure Log

Step Description
You met the horn player, Eustus, who has fallen into a hole in Tabantha Frontier along with his wagon.

He wants to get out, but not without his wagon. Is there some way to help?
You managed to get Eustus and his wagon out of the hole at Tabantha Frontier. As a member of the Stable Trotters who perform at all the stables in Hyrule, Eustus has gone back to rejoin his troupe.