Teach Me a Lesson II

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Teach Me a Lesson II




Speak with Symin at the Hateno School


Acquire some Monster Extract and make Monster Curry



Teach Me a Lesson II is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Link will first need to have completed the Teach Me a Lesson I quest.


  • After Link completes the Teach Me a Lesson I quest, he can speak with Symin to begin the quest. Symin is giving an instruction to his students, but wants his students to eat Monster Curry. The ingredients include Goron Spice, Hylian Rice, and Monster Extract.
  • Link has already received Hylian Rice, for completing the previous lesson. More Rice can be purchased over at the East Wind general store in town if necessary.
  • The Monster Extract is the rare ingredient here and Symin suggests visiting Tarrey Town where it is readily available for sale.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Symin is teaching his students how to use food to survive in a dangerous world. He wants his students to eat monster curry, made with Goron spice, Hylian rice, and monster extract.

He says that for monster extract, you'll have to go to Tarrey Town, north of Hateno Village.
You made monster curry and served it to the children as part of a lesson that they can cook using monster extract. Having been accepted as a teacher at the Hateno school, you now have permission to use the school's field.