Where Are the Wells?

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Where Are the Wells?



Speak with Fera at various Wells


Visit and tell Fera the locations of the 58 wells in Hyrule


10 rupees per well
All's Well (Completing all of the wells)



Where Are the Wells? is a side quest in Tears of the Kingdom. The quest giver is Fera, who can be first found at various Stables.


Speak with Fera in one of the Stable Wells to begin the quest. She can be found at the Outskirt Stable Well, Tabantha Bridge Stable Well, or any other well.


After initially meeting with Fera, she will travel to the Lookout Landing Well. Link can return to her at any point as he finds more Wells.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Fera wants to visit all of the wells in Hyrule and asked you to tell her the locations of any wells that you know. She said she is going to see the Lookout Landing Well.
You told Fera the locations of all the wells in Hyrule. She was delighted and said she intends to set out on a journey to visit all of them.