Piaffe, Packed Away

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Piaffe, Packed Away



Speak with Piaffe


Clear the boxes at the stable




Piaffe, Packed Away is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


The quest is accessible as soon as Link arrives at the Gerudo Canyon Stable


  • When Link arrives at the Gerudo Canyon Stable, the place is cluttered with boxes. Link can break some of the boxes in front to find Piaffe standing around. Pieffe mentions that the stable is shutting down due to the lack of visitors. He is in the midst of leaning up, but the place is a mess.
  • Link can break all the boxes to find some goodies inside. After doing so, Pieffe will thank him for getting rid of all the junk. He will reward him with a Pony Point.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Gerudo Canyon Stable is being shut down after the abnormal weather dried up their supply of customers.

Unfortunately for Piaffe, the building is packed full of rubbish and he can't bring himself to clean it all up. It's a tough situation to be in when he's supposed to dispose of it all.
Piaffe offered you a Pony Point as thanks for helping clean up the stable.

However, because Gerudo Canyon Stable is officially shut down, you'll need to register as a stable member somewhere else.
You tidied the clutter filling up the stable. Now Gerudo Canyon Stable can finally close its doors once and for all. Piaffe was appreciative, but he also seemed a little sad...